pin's fingertips tumblrized
Who’s Pin?

It would be but rude of me if i won’t introduce myself. I’m pin. The heart and soul of this blog. In real life, my name is Natalie, a law-abiding citizen in this diverse world. Yet, i discovered that there is more to me than what meets the human eye. I’m an individual who is unique beyond her genetic make-up.

The word pin didn’t come from anyone else. I named myself. I can’t trace the exact date when i started calling my alter-ego as such. But i do remember that it was long ago, way back high school. was such a fast-rising online community that everyone glued their hands on their account everyday. I wasn’t an exception. After how many weeks of surfing, i noticed that most people changed their names. That instantly gave me the idea to change mine, i had a lot in mind, which includes… realitychaser, doubtful mind and scarceconversant. All of which too long to remember. Thus, [insert “ting!” sound effect here]! I came up with pin, from the longer word pin cushion.

Pin Cushion originated from our sewing class. OOOOOoooooh! [talks to self while typing, “now i remember”]. I lost my pin cushion at sewing class then i found it at my teacher’s desk after a long search for it. To make the short story shorter, i just gave it to her. loL.

Puff! At that part of my life, i realized that i can be likened to a pin cushion. Not famous and popular yet useful… Doesn’t react when pins and needles are placed in… Despite the obvious sharpness of these pins and needles, the pin cushion doesn’t bleed… that is mainly why i am PIN.

People and ciscumstances may slowly hurt me. But i won’t bleed. I now myself well enough that i was made to be hurt. God didn’t create me with some forcefield around me 24/7 but even i had it still wouldn’t be enough to protect me from emotional woes.

One difference we have though, i accept all the pain but unlike the pin cushion, i won’t tolerate it.